• Biggest city in the campaign and it’s only living metropolis (see Throne of Jholl)
  • Ran by Lord Mayor Leif Fryslan, human.
    • 3.5/Pathfinder – Lawful Neutral Aristocrat/Expert 15
    • 4th Edition – Paragon Unaligned Controller/Leader Elite 15, Bard
    • 5th Edition – ?
  • Predominantly human and gnome, but beyond that, very cosmopolitan
  • Has no overt enemies, but stresses exist as they do not bow to Iurean religious pressure
  • Strong trade emphasis, money and business are the dominant forces
  • Divine Realm of the demigod of cities only known as “Tradeheart Urbanus”

The Arcane Academy resides in Tradeheart.
Department Heads

  • Maester Horgmund Shieldheart, Abjuration, Viking eldritch runeax, ice-mage
  • Maester Caladesh, Conjuration, highwood elf, ex-warlock
  • Maester Tressa Shadowhall, Necromancy, human, raven hair (Xena build), butcher
  • Maester Fangurel Silkensong, half-elf, redhead, overconfident, lecherous
  • Maester Ferris Bane, Artifice, law-infused human, wears golem armor
  • Maester Balthazar Aleister Raeloth, Divination, human, old, bandaged, purple hooded robes
  • Maester Dunmar, Evocation, human, bishop warmage of Gonfli, deceased
  • Maester Shezhud the Unseen, Illusion, Void-infused, shadowmage.
  • Maester Thanhasturamudilgarfamzuril Gemglitter, Transmutation, gnome alchemist

Colours of Schools of magic
Abjuration: White
Enchantment: Violet
Illusion: Indigo
Divination: Blue
Conjuration: Green
Transmutation: Yellow
Artifice: Orange/Brown Rust
Evocation: Red
Necromancy: Black

Places of Interest:

  • Gunpowder Way – Alchemy and potion-craft businesses cluster. On the edge of the Gnomish District, and across from the Academy.
    • If you want alchemical ingredients, prepared potions and poisons, spell components that don’t fit the other stores (bits of sulfur and such) you should probably look here.
    • Gunpowder Way has been the epicenter of both Collapses.
  • Merchant’s Way – Shops catering to citizens and business-folk, this is where you get furniture and groceries and clothes and such, all the things adventurer’s don’t need much of.
    • The Underhill (Merchant Way) Restaurant catering to halfling food
    • The Purple Mushroom (Merchant Way) Restaurant catering to dwarven food
    • The Gilded Ladle (Merchant Way) Restaurant catering to the rich, expensive, tends to mix cultural styles, trendy
    • North of Merchant Way is a lot of the middle class housing.
  • The Adventurer’s District
    • The Red House (Adventurer’s District) Inn converted into the temporary Adventurer’s Guildhouse
    • The Angry Orc (Adventurer’s District) Tavern catering to veteran adventurers, bartender is ex-adventurer
  • The Dock District
    The Chained Fist (Dock District) Tavern specializing in brawler clientele (barbarians, rogues, fighters, ogres, Warbred, etc.)
  • The Gnomish District
  • The Noble’s District
  • The Temple District…
    • The Embassies in the Temple District
  • Southgate
    • To the west of Gunpowder Way, near Southgate, are the lower class houses. As you go north, they mix in with the bayside warehouses.
  • The Arena
  • The Arcane Academy


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