Crucible: The Wartorn World

Aurin's Journal entries:

First Big Downtime

Tasking Day 1: It is the first day since Seek Team Six has seperated to go about our seperate paths, I am devoting my time to broadening my studies which seem to have been to fragmented to serve me well any more. My martial skills are deteriorating as I neglect them for my studies, in the last week alone I have come to suspect that I will never again focus so much on wielding common weapons ever again, but that is the half dragon’s domain now that he has honed his skills to devastatingly effective heights, I dare say that it is a wonder to behold yet unlike a sculpture it changes every time I look upon it.

Tasking Day 5: I have retrieved my commission from the leather and metal works, yet part of me is sad when I look upon it as I find I could more readily shape such an item with my own hands as my magics have now grown so, yet as I begin enchanting it, there’s a unique sort of feel like feelings of the heart already present in it making the task a bit simpler to handle.

Tasking Day 12: I’ve made some small modifications to the armored compartments, they at first proved difficult to enchant, but some copied books that are new to the Academy’s library proved the perfect inspiration for achieving my goal, Elemental Material Referance, include many techniques already employed by alchemy use in exploiting fundemental natures and attunements. Now I have acquired a bit of voidglass but the material is like over hardened steel and refusing to budge.

Tasking Day 15: Good day of gambling, but even a measly ten coins in gold seems like pocket change after the dragon’s horde. Gave it to some orphan friends on the street which lead to them learning of my shaping frustrations and they directed me to some visiting dwarves that in exchange for a prototype improvement to their flame casters shared a technique that might work, I am eager to try it, but it is already quite late and I need to rest my mind in meditation a while.

Tasking Day 27: I forgot to write until now in this journal of mine, my personal project has proved both a success and a failure, the amount of work I have yet to do is beyond belief. The basics of a fundamentum are simple enough, but how Blaise managed to make them without using himself for a basis I know not, the adjustments along the way are far too many to have simply carried them out on test subjects. My preparations were meticulous as possible without reaching the point of excessive paranoia and I performed no action wrongly so, I believe that within the years time I will have a fully working fundamentum dynamo operational on a personal scale, or in layman’s terms, a power source that no anti-magic field can interrupt. I have taxed my own body to the limit exploring these avenues and am not walking away from those explorations untainted by them. The rest of the team is returning, so I shall spend my remaining time before we meet up putting my learnings to paper, although, now my vision glows and it may take some time before I adjust to seeing my own power all the time, perhaps expanding some of my reserve will help reduce the effect.



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