Crucible: The Wartorn World

Sneaky lazy recap summary


“Well, you see, technically, we’re employed by the Academy to recover old and Lost magical spells, artifacts, and the like. Oh hell, I wish Tu’u’usk, was here. He lived for stories, But what can we say about bards. We’ll make do without. Anyway, So our task was to make contact with…” (GM save me, I don’t remember any of these names. Give me names, I’ll write it up for you.)

GM: “We’ve gotten reports that one of the previous intiatives we invested in has turned up results. One of the southern mage libraries managed to escape the flames of the Magepurge. Our scouts believe the library not only contains dozens of librams and texts on arcane magic, but divination points us to believing they actually have a copy of the most powerful and versatile wizard spells in existence: Korlam’s Fundamental Reality Shift. You may be familiar with its reference name…Wish.”
Vodr: The dwarf smirks. He’s heard of the first name.
GM: “We need you to head south, meet up with the keepers of the library, an order of geometers, and return with any of the spells and tomes they’re willing to share. This is not a combat mission, or at least is not intended to be. Diplomacy and negotiation is key here. We would prefer not to alienate useful allies.”

“…contact with some geometers. They had hidden form the ravages of the church alongside some dwarves. Built a safe home right into a mountain. We got right in, and after some time began to talk about ways to form closer relations, since we wanted the knowledge they had. It was pretty slow until The Terrasque came up. Turns out it was sleeping right underneath them, and At the same time, Some organizations having their strings pulled by a mindflayer were making their way into the sink. 2 of the 3 swords that could wake the Terrasque were safe, so to gain their trust, we had to make sure that sword doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

So, After finding one of Blaise’s Labs – shortly after we fund you, Aurin – we apparently did some divination, and Tradeheart himself sent an avatar – second time I’ve ben that close to a god – pointed us at the agent in charge of the operations in town, a Mind’s Eye, and gave us a divine mandate AND literal blessings to smite it. So we did some scrounging, and found enough connections to teleport right into the Sanctum of the monster. And we Slaughtered it promptly.

The next step is clearing the location, from the easy side of things, and consecrate that ground to HOPEFULLY stop it from becoming a den of Evil for a second time."

Helsaerrith looks around at the new people, “and that’s the short version of how we got here. We’ll have to bring a bard in if you want the long version.”



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