Malus of the Forge

Malus of the Forge, a half-dwarven artificer who trained, as many others did, under Blaize Dragonfather, the first Lifeshaper; and wielded the First Hammer.

Malus of the Forge created the Carytid Columns, beautiful golems in the form of the Lady Wintergreen, adorning his battletowers and workshops in an effort to compete for Lady Wintergreen’s affection against Yythzyr, and Jholl supposedly.

He hasn’t been seen since the Tarrasque was put to sleep. His constructs were the front line of the Lifeshapers, the warforged, the golems, the colossi, the siege towers that move on feet of iron.

—Information added by Talon, shame on him.

Malus of the Forge

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