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Major Races
Races of Destiny

Lifeshaped Races

  • Necropolitan (Revenant)
  • Shaz
  • Warbred
    • Bred Commander (Dragonborn)
    • Bred Dragonspeaker (Kobold)
    • Bred Line Soldier (Orog)
    • Bred Phalanx (Hobgoblin)
    • Bred Scout (Goblin)
    • Bred Shock Trooper (Bugbear)
  • Beastfolk
    • Gnoll
    • Catfolk
    • Foxkin
    • Lupines
    • Mousekin


Planet: N’Dua’sadir

  • [[??]]
  • [[??]]

Nations of Crucible

  • Anglica – Kingdom of Robert Falconhand, Paladin-King
  • Dwarven Freeholds – Thane Kurgan Stonehammer, Sealed deeps of xenophobic immortal dwarves
  • Fellsin – Ludwig von Krieger, Once the mercenary capital of the world, now a festering fiend swarm
  • Frostweal – Zemska Zhukov, Frozen northlands
  • Hundred Kingdoms – A wild cluster of bandit kingdoms and city-states that change too often to map.
  • Isle of the Green – Lady Tessaril Wintergreen, Elven capital, refuge for spellcasters.
  • Iurea – Augustus VIcollio, Independant city-state ruled by the Church, built atop ancient civilization.
  • South Barrens – Shah Moraam al’Sogari, Deserts, ruled by genies and elementals.
  • Tradeheart – Lord Mayor Lief Fryzlan, Biggest city in Crucible, divine realm of the god of cities.
  • Vinland – Jean-Phillipe Messier/Pierre Valoir, Caste-split hotbed in the throes of revolution
  • Spell-scarred Wastelands – Aumanrauhar, Orcish homelands, torn by magic and war
  • Yen Wang Yeh – Li-Han-Lao, Shogunate recovering from a death-obsessed emperor

Overpower: Damhurast Three-minds, the God of Wisdom, Knowledge, History and Secrets.

  • The New Gods
  • The Dark Pantheon
    • Sin, god(?) of corruption and depravity
    • The Dark Nine: Pride, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Cowardice, and Deceit
  • The Elven Pantheon
  • The Olympian Pantheon
  • The Asgardian Pantheon
  • The Phaeronic Pantheon
  • The Dwarven Pantheon
  • The 10,000 Saints

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