The Bad Intentions - Sabotage Team

Sabotage Team Bad Intentions


Varsa; – Missing in Action
Species: High-wood half-elf
Alignment: Suspected Lawful Neutral
Evaluatation: A ranger/rogue specializing in close combat melee. Sneak attacks, CQC…she uses a classic cloak and boots of elvenkind to do alot of the work. Skillful point-man and good at keeping the team out of traps and ambushes. Varsa is also Valic’s sister.
P.S. She’s also pretty much the boss and keeps the others out of trouble.

Lieutenant Sern; – Missing in Action
Species: Warbred Hobgoblin
Alignment: Probably something Lawful… ish?
Evaluation: Spell caster, mage type, who specializes in magic that alters strategy and circumstances. Big transmutations, evocations and illusions. Gonfli’s methods involve making the battle yours. He is also a trained fighter, but mostly a mage.

Surnam; – Missing in Action
Species: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Evaluation: Supplies and Acquisitions, also pickpocket and kleptomaniac who steals things that are not sufficiently secured or monitored constantly, and is massively proud when the stuff he’s snatched are useful to the team.

Valic; – Missing in Action
Species: High-wood half-elf
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Evaluation: Spell caster, is always permanently hauling a thick tome of scrolls, so that even despite her ability to prepare enough spells, compensates by toting a massive list of spells ready to be cast. Valic is also Varsa’s sister.

Species: Some variety of Fey
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Evaluation: Newest member of the team from the Green Isles; skilled in a very wide variety of skills, although, often remarking that much of them are ancestral knowledge from past lives. Specializes in close combat spell casting and chain or rope type weapons, not unlike whips and flails. Also a very skilled alchemist and machinist, able to craft a variety of devices and agents that support her talents as a very slippery saboteur and aid to the team’s survival.


The Bad Intentions - Sabotage Team

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